governing principle

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The result of his experiment had answered all the expectations of his policy; for the Hurons were in no degree exempt from that governing principle of nature, which induces man to value his gifts precisely in the degree that they are appreciated by others.
To spare Henrietta from agitation seemed the governing principle.
Winning this award is validation that progress through partnership, a governing principle of our service delivery, is the key to long-term success as a provider of outsourced services.
In starting antidepressants, the governing principle is to start at low doses and escalate dosing gradually over time.
I pray that it will continue to be the governing principle and vision of this community and this institution in the years ahead.
Del Rosario reminded the assembly that the United Nations was created "to protect the weak from the strong, to provide for the equality of all sovereign states, and to enshrine the rule of law as the governing principle in regulating international disputes.
MOHAMED KHOULAIDI DOHA QATAR Petroleum (QP) and Qatar University (QU) on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the general framework and governing principle of their continuous cooperation in various areas.
If that is not the governing principle of the negotiations, no alternative exists except naked political power and military force.
From the experiments and the computer modeling, the researchers theorize that at the nanoscale, dislocation nucleation can become the governing principle to determining a metal's strength or weakness.
At the close of this chapter Rowland identifies "organic development" as the governing principle of Benedict's presentation of the perennial vitality of the Church, an all-important concept indicative of the Pope's debt to John Henry Newman.
The governing principle and driving force behind the institution will be 'Energy, Earthy, Elemental, and Eternal' -- symbolizing the four elements of sun, wind, water and the silicon chip.