government notes

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He opened his drawer, and took out ten government notes which were there, each for a thousand francs.
The South African Government notes with concern political developments in the Republic of Burkina Faso, following the holding hostage of the President of the Interim Council, as well as the Prime Minister, members of his Cabinet and other leaders, by the Presidential Security Regiment.
A Treasury spokesman said: "The Government notes the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice's opinion.
The bank, whose model evaluates the size of external debt relative to a country's economy, said that holders of Taiwan, South Korea and Israel government notes are least at risk.
Treasury bills and government notes skyrocketed 122 per cent to 17.
Cairo : Egypt's borrowing costs are set to drop as the slowest loan growth three years amid escalating political turmoil prompts banks to park funds in government notes, the Middle East's top money markets fund manager said.
The ministry further reported plans for issuing a variety of government notes and securities with different maturity intervals.
The government notes that the treaty also reflects Bulgaria's stance on guaranteeing the right of Member States to pursue independent tax policies.
The government notes to the wholesalers "that they are not compelled to present to sugar and edible oil producer new documentation nor settle their orders by cheque.
Corporate and government notes and bonds accounted for 29 percent of all liquidity in 2005, the largest single piece of liquidity for the year.
5 billion yen worth of five-year Japanese government notes, whose coupon rate was set at a 31-month high of 0.
We believe that the pension funds should permanently increase their holdings in fixed-income assets, particularly government notes.

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