government officers

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They did no work themselves, being government officers in charge.
After gathering up fragments of sculptured marbles and breaking ornaments from the interior work of the Mosques; and after bringing them at a cost of infinite trouble and fatigue, five miles on muleback to the railway depot, a government officer compelled all who had such things to disgorge
PESHAWAR -- Commissioner, Hazara Division, Mohammad Khalid Khan Umerzai has urged the young government officers to take step in practical life with complete preparation and confidence to feel difference between theory and practice.
Rajesh Aggarwal, Chief of the Business and Trade Policy section, ITC, detailed how the capacity of PITAD is being strengthened - that is by "augmenting their regular training curriculum, which includes most importantly the Specialized Training Programme, and also their capacity to respond to the immediate needs of government officers by giving ad-hoc training courses.
He said that elected representatives and government officers should realize their responsibilities and make the best arrangements for the quick disposal of rainwater.
Lucknow, December 02, 2011 (Frontier Star): A man in north Indian state Uttar Pradesh who was tired of being harassed for bribes by government officers decided to get even by unleashing more than a dozen snakes at a government office in the Basti district, Indian media reported.
The meeting was also attended by senior government officers.
Shah said that FIA is harassing the Sindh government officers by conducting raids without informing him.
The state government officers deposited the Bill to the Rudraprayag district administration and activist Bhupendra Kumar obtained copies of the Bill that highlights gross misuse of funds.
PESHAWAR -- Provincial Minister for Agriculture Ikram Ullah Khan Gandapur has said that the rulers in collaboration with the government officers could chalked out the policies for the betterment and welfare of the general public and the officers were the assets of this country.
Contract notice: Application for Restricted List to Deliver Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programme and Health Promotion Services to Local Government Officers.
Updated to be complete through June 2011, this sixth edition reflects recent developments in the law in areas such as limits on bankruptcy courts, the ability to sue government officers and local government, and major developments in the law of habeas corpus.

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