governmental procedure

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But hey, we have a new concept here - a governmental procedure that might actually produce results.
The spokesperson added that the guidance of media towards improving governmental procedures and redressal of public complaints was welcome and heartening.
All governmental procedures have been organised slowly to discourage the refugees, she explained in an interview with Deutsche Welle.
He stressed the need for building on the complementarities, harmonizing of governmental procedures, and strengthening of infrastructure for reinforcing regional economic integration.
The Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Energy has been named a coordinator of memorandum implementation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been instructed to inform the Albanian side on completion of the internal governmental procedures on putting the document into force.
In September 2014, Ooredoo was directed by the TRA to pay the Royalty Amount rather than constructing sites, in order to comply with internal governmental procedures (as noted in the third quarter unaudited accounts).
The ISS partner agencies are working through their respective governmental procedures for continued ISS utilization through at least 2020 and noted the U.
The prime minister added that the government is continuing its efforts to adopt a series of administrative and legislative measures in order to simplify the governmental procedures to make the business environment more attractive for further investments.
As a result, the necessities of implementation of entrepreneurial platforms become apparent in governmental procedures.
Authorities continue to interrogate suspects pending the completion of governmental procedures.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Unified Iraqiya Alliance criticized governmental procedures adopted during the provincial elections day, shouldering it the weakness of voting and other practices made.
The initiative stipulates streamlined governmental procedures for beneficiaries to facilitate using the plots and make maximum benefit from the move.

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