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Each player takes their turn turning over a card, once the card is visible each player will check their cards and see if they have a Math Match, if they do they Grab It
One News Page is a highly valuable global news portal," comments Justin Fadgen, Grab Media's VP, Publisher Development.
Grabs, or thumbs, round out the arsenal of material handling attachments most commonly used by C&D recyclers and demolition contractors.
The proper way to enter the cockpit is to step up on the cockpit steps and grab the seat.
GOT YOUR BOYS, grab some brew ride the vert, it's there for you.
is working in Conmee Township where up to 28 grams of gold per tonne has been found through stripping, grab samples and diamond drilling.
One would pretend to grab employees by the crotch, sometimes making contact.
Set up in 1996, GRAB counters the gangs' transient nature, says Fred Hafner, director of criminal intelligence for the department's gang-crimes unit.
Hundreds of tiny, young beetles lump together in the shape of a female bee and then grab rides on the male bees that they seduce, say California researchers.