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For example, Keith Russell, president of Euresys, which has been in the frame grabber market since the late 1980s, said the applications for the technology have multiplied over the years.
Potential licensees in the pool maintenance accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Leaf & Debris Grabber on a worldwide basis.
Position the adapter/rail grabber assembly so that the rail grabber fits on the front portion of the night sight.
Now Grabber Performance is expanding that concept with the introduction of a product in the foot care category.
Support for the Camera Interface Module or CIM (sold separately) lets users connect any camera, triggering device or external clock signal into the DT3162 frame grabber via a DIN-rail mountable enclosure so that they can be up and running in minutes.
Our customers in cardiology, ultrasound, and other medical imaging disciplines have been requesting a high performance color video streamer and frame grabber that is compatible with our popular I-Series.
Universal Frame Grabber and Storage System Compatible With All High Performance Cameras Now Offers Four-Fold Increase in Flash Memory Size
In the first phase, the public-land belonging to the Irrigation Department in Mirpur district would be got vacated from the illegal occupation form the land grabber mafia.
Later talking to 'Online' affected family said that a land grabber group was harassing them through negative tactic.
Purdue's team is deploying a BitFlow Axion-CL Camera Link frame grabber within its pod (shown in the engineering drawing) as part of a high-resolution video-based location finder.
By illegally grabbing somebody's land, the land grabber is committing a criminal offence that should be punished under the law as a deterrent.
AV CD Grabber is the simple way to rip any CD into separate audio files; users open the software, insert their CDs, and with a few clicks/drags it's all done.