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According to the committee, the VC had said the university administration was helpless against influential land grabbers and encroachers.
That also was the year that Bit-Flow launched the Road Runner, which it called the world's first PCI bus-mastering digital frame grabber.
He added that operation will be continue in the area till the retrieval of single inch of land from the land grabbers.
Koang said General Swaka did not threaten to leave the army for Rajaf in order to fight land grabbers, but admitted that the General does visit the village where the land grabbing was taking place.
Officials at education department said that the land grabbers had also made an attempt to encroach the school but a legal case was filed against them and the grabbers were arrested.
He added that the operation to reclaim the land was undertaken in line with royal decrees and ministerial decisions after a committee identified the land as being illegally occupied by land grabbers.
The commission needs courage to expose land grabbers.
The management of 1,500-year-old Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir is adamant that it will complete the long-pending renovation work, despite encroachments on the temple's plot, intimidation and threats by land grabbers as well as a lack of funds.
Police claimed to have arrested six men associated with the land grabbers, namely Bhai Khan, Habibullah Jokhio, Fazaluddin, Waqar Ahmed, Sajid Anis and Muhammad Nawaz Chandio.
Like with all other Epiphan frame grabbers, a SDK, API, and sample applications (with source code) are included with the DVI2USB.
We can't let the gun grabbers tell us which guns are evil and which aren't, because--to them--all guns are evil.
Cognex Corporation, a leading supplier of industrial machine vision systems, has launched the MVS-8600e family of frame grabbers that connect Camera Link cameras through the PCI Express (PCIe) interface.