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Though the government carried out demolition drives to evict grabbers, these were reoccupied.
Officials at education department said that the land grabbers had also made an attempt to encroach the school but a legal case was filed against them and the grabbers were arrested.
The elders, therefore, demanded of the government to ensure eviction of the grabbers and retrieve the lands from them, establishment of the government writ in the sub-villages in the tehsil, forbid the PA from interspersing the settled areas into tribal, suspension of power (Electricity) from the agency and bound them to pay bills of the power.
Both frame grabbers are fully compliant with isolation specifications in the PoE standard to provide additional safety for the vision system and its operators.
Land grabbers are law breakers and rebellious against the transitional constitution that guarantees people's right to own land and property.
Last week, in a meeting of coalition parties in the Sindh government, it was decided that an operation would be launched in the city against land grabbers and no political party would use its influence to protect the land grabbers.
We can't let the gun grabbers tell us which guns are evil and which aren't, because--to them--all guns are evil.
The new Cognex MVS-8600e frame grabbers are available in cost-effective single-channel and dual-channel models that increase throughput even with extremely large images.
Not an auspicious start for the gun grabbers at this conference, the five-year follow-up to the initial 2001 conference that envisioned eventual abolition of the right to keep and bear arms.
NASDAQ: DATX), has announced the shipment of the DT3162, a variable-scan monochrome frame grabber for the PCI bus.
As a member of the I-Series of frame grabbers and video streamers, I-Color is supported by IDEA (Imaging Development Environment for Applications) software development kit.
uses tooling designed by the robot manufacturer, in which a combination of suction cups and grabbers can be supplied in many different configurations, so the whole end-of-arm tool does not have to be taken off.