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In February, Minister for Energy and Minerals Irene Muloni unveiled a licensing round for six new blocks in the Albertine Graben.
in fields in the Central Graben and very high migration losses
th] May 2010, Fleurette, through Caprikat and Foxwhelp Ltd, two entities created for the Project, entered into a PSC with the DRC Government relating to the oil exploration and production of the Blocks I&II on the Albertine Graben.
The images from the Dawn mission show that Vesta's troughs have many of the qualities of graben, said Buczkowski.
Our purpose here is to highlight the wealth of neotectonic structures that deform the bottom sediments of lakes Kipawa and Timiskaming within the Timiskaming Graben along the border of Ontario and Quebec (Fig.
To the north, along the interpreted graben that hosts the known resource, the new IP data were merged with historic IP data done in 1983 and indicate possible extensions to the north of the existing pit.
The whole Ma'reb graben, including Shabwa and Jannah, consists of a detached slice of the great African rift system.
approximately 50 km from the edge of the Central Graben, where existing
The mix of scarps and graben found on the moon imply that our satellite never completely melted in its earliest stages of formation.
A handful of these graben systems have been found across the lunar surface.
Goodman will develop the new facility in Graben, south of Augsburg in Germany.
Auckland, New Zealand, April 20, 2010 - (ABN Newswire) - Pike River Coal Limited (NZE:PRC) (PINK:PKRRF) is another step closer to the start-up of hydro-mining after driving the first access roadway through the rock graben back into coal, says Chief Executive Gordon Ward.