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There is also a possibility each graben was associated with an ancient volcanic dike.
The images from the Dawn mission show that Vesta's troughs have many of the qualities of graben, said Buczkowski.
The 19 km long Munebrega Half-graben is superimposed on and inset into the Calatayud Graben along its southwestern margin, south of the Jalon River valley (Fig.
Long-term measurements showed that there were influences of earthquakes with epicentres located in NE part of the Simitli graben (around the intersection of Krupnik and Predela Faults) on the movements at point B6 (Dobrev et al.
Le graben de Temiscamingue est situe le long de la frontiere entre le Quebec et l'Ontario, au sein de la Zone sismique de l'Ouest du Quebec--une zone notable de plus grande activite sismique intracratonique de l'est du Canada.
Dengo (1978) en la resena sobre el marco tectonico de la region del Caribe, indica que aun quedan aspectos que resolver con respecto a los fenomenos intraplaca, resaltando dentro de estos, la formacion del graben de la Ciudad de Guatemala.
The theory was that the north-west/south-east trending graben had started to rift in Jurassic times and accumulated a good thickness of sediment.
The Upper Nysa Klodzka Graben (UNKG) is situated in the southern part of the Klodzko Depression.
The slim collection Die groBe Beleidigung contains four character studies, titled "Giotto," "Auf dem Graben," "Die Erfindung eines glucklichen Menschen," and "Die groge Beleidigung.
The objective is to determine if a nearby NW-SE trending graben bounded by 2nd order splays and a NNW-SSE trending graben bounded by 3rd order splays are linked by an unmapped 3rd order splay of the SMFZ.
Franco-Belgian oil multinational TotalFinaElf said the Production/Utilities/Quarters rig for the production of gas condensate on the Elgin-Franklin development has now been installed in the Elgin field, 240 kilometres East of Aberdeen in the Central Graben Area of the North Sea.
The GBP83 million deal covers the Central Graben area of the British continental shelf, including the Elgin and Franklin fields.