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Melvyn Pun, CEO of Yoma Strategic says, This partnership will complement Yoma Fleet to provide vehicle rentals to Grabs driver-partners, helping to improve the quality of the vehicles, driver service and safety standards for taxis in Yangon.
Do you have any favorite early grabs from skateboarding's past?
8220;When it comes to versatility, strength and ease of use our Rope-Safe Rope Grab is packed with features,” said Martyn Gilbert, Rollgliss Technical Rescue Sales Manager for Capital Safety Australia & New Zealand.
You should be allowed to have toe grabs or some sort of grips as we wish, as you can in America.
Grabs, or thumbs, round out the arsenal of material handling attachments most commonly used by C&D recyclers and demolition contractors.
In Global Gun Grab, William Norman Grigg exposes the UN's worldwide campaign to eliminate civilian ownership of firearms and explains the dangers facing Americans.
This "smart crane" will form the backbone of an integrated QMC system that will grab molds from a storage rack, put them in a preheat station, and finally transfer them to the waiting machine - all under computer control.
By integrating Grabs and SIAs loyalty programmes, customers can look forward to using their points when they plan for their next holiday.
Richman can cry all he wants about the polarization in Sacramento, but he sure did his own part to grab issues long settled and turn them into ideological battles.
Approvals for Money Grab in other North American gaming jurisdictions are currently pending.