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to establish a foundational relationship between young and seasoned women to create viable holistic-health mentorship and to present the options of women expressing noble behavior of graciousness and gracefulness through sisterhood and chivalry.
He is an out-and-out defender like Terry but also plays with the gracefulness of Rio.
Bove will also bring to life Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's 1st flute concerto, an energetic piece which radiates melodic gracefulness.
I did sprints up and down the beach - it wasn't quite Pamela Anderson Baywatchstyle gracefulness, more lolloping like a Blackpool donkey - but I loved it.
he further said that security situation and other faced matters will be discussed to resolve gracefulness this issue in meeting at DCO office on upcoming Monday, 09 January.
30pm She's undoubtedly the most elegant member of the Strictly Come Dancing judging panel, but is Darcey Bussell's gracefulness all down to her ballet training, or has she taken a little inspiration from one of her favourite film stars, the eternally stylish Audrey Hepburn?
The new choice is white which projects an impression of tranquility and gracefulness while emphasizing the compactness and light weight of this product.
A real beauty which smacks of raspberry and plum and topped with jammy cherry scents, the depth of flavour with elegant oak and herbal notes has the gracefulness and power to complement decadent milk chocolate truffles such as Prestat Red Velvet truffles which are dusted in raspberry powder and taste more like a patisserie.
If it possessed any beauty, it was not in gracefulness but in stark, struggling exertion.
They may not do anything for your appearance or gracefulness, but they will enhance your fishing experience.
Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj appreciated gracefulness of the Prime Minister and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi while noting in a lighter vain the naughtiness of parliamentary affairs minister Kamal Nath.
In a flowery and poetic expression that seemed to spontaneously unfold, she praised Sonia's gracefulness and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's gentleness and Advani's Nyay priyata (judiciousness) in the House.