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As Michael Goldberg points out, Carlyle, at least initially, was self-conscious about possible stylistic weakness in his own idiosyncratic prose, and some critics particularly condemned what they regarded as Carlyle's linguistic and syntactical gracelessness (166-169).
There is a certain built-in gracelessness to a university professor writing, from the Berkshires, that no one else sympathizes with the downtrodden quite as much as he.
Loser of the week was Rachel, who pulled off the coup de gracelessness of pitching up with a bottle of wine.
Perhaps he has suffered in the public mind because of that, his feud with the BBC and his gracelessness in defeat.
Yes, Jose Mourinho is a worthy recipient of the newly created 'Sir Alex Ferguson Award' for gracelessness.
The correlation between litigiousness and gracelessness is no accident.
Around us everywhere is the dazzling goodness of most of creation -order instead of chaos,diversity not monotony, the hundred acts of human grace for every one of gracelessness.
Having robbed him of youth, illusions, love, and deposited him in "the age of Hooper" in which both the faith and beauty Brideshead has housed are "brought to nothing" by war and the gracelessness it represents (331), Ryder's course through history has indeed proven to him the vanity of the temporal.
Let's get this straight -I'vehad no time for Hughes since he embarrassed himself spectacularly by rubbishing Everton with total gracelessness and ignorance during Liverpool's 1977 European Cup celebrations in the city centre.
Or even to gloss over the reality that he has taken gracelessness to new heights with his curmudgeonly comments on Arsenal's breath- taking football.