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2) Objective position--distribution of people objectively on a gradational scale of economic inequality, represented mainly by income or wealth.
It should be noted that cores 19 and 20 have uniform and gradational Principle Profile Forms, respectively, and that the general increase in clay content from south to north does not match the [[sigma].
In this lower section, gradational soils form a minority.
Brendel, Elke, 1999, "Coherence Theory of Knowledge: A Gradational Account", Erkenntnis, vol.
consolidation--which are qualitatively gradational in nature--transition
The variable-textured diabase is gradational into an upper quartz diabase that is generally not as thick as the lower quartz diabase.
While laying claim to offering "a more inclusive story," revisionist world history is actually founded upon two analytical contractions: a sociological one that elides or marginalizes institutional and cultural specyicities, and a temporal one that privileges the ephemeral and contingent over enduring legacies and gradational processes.
Kopili Formation is found over the Shella Formation conformably with a gradational contact.
This gradational process rejoins its origin--just like a chain--in that the highest form of the political organization of freedom, the global legal system, also has repercussions on the rights of individuals.
The member includes a transgressive and regressive sequence, and is gradational with the underlying Cayboyu member in the deeper parts of the basin, but is also in local unconformity with some members in the shallower parts of the basin [7].
definition, however, classes are horizontal and gradational, inevitably
They are sedimentary and are gradational with overlying soft shales.