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The cumulative frequency distribution of the air void volumes will be referred to as the air void gradation curve (i.
Given that a sample is likely to include millions of air voids, many of which are ten /m or smaller, it would not be practical to identify the gradation curve or the air void distribution from a large number of actual specimens, therefore, computer simulation was used [5,6].
For the selected independent parameters and gradation curve of the air voids, the program generates a virtual concrete sample with randomly dispersed air voids of varying size throughout the sample.
While 20 traverse lines are generally used in computing the chord length index, research is needed to show the actual number of traverse lines that are necessary to accurately compute the chord length index and subsequent gradation curves.
It increases the contrast ratio of the image by automatically detecting its characteristics and keeping optimal control of its dynamic range, peak brightness, and gradations in its dark area.
When Dole-Recio covers larger expanses, as she does in the majority of the works in this spare show, the folds and harlequin patternings of the paper, the intricacies of the layered cutouts and gradations become almost topographical while resisting any suggestion, thank God, of "mapping.
By analyzing and reducing the grain caused by the film emulsion, Digital GEM automatically enhances the clarity of a scanned image while preserving its colors, gradations and sharpness.
Noticeable differences such as improved shadow and highlight detail on 35mm slides, negatives and transparencies are attributed to the higher Dmax, and the 42-bit color provides smoother gradations than conventional 36-bit scanners.
This unique control updates the image in real time as the user drags the mouse, which offers advantages in color processing, tonal values and gradation correction.
Runtime gradation controls -- enabled by IntelliStream's real-time processing -- lets users make on-the-fly gradation adjustments to manage and match colors electronically on press.
With an estimated street price of $499, the EPSON Stylus Photo is a six-color printer that delivers ``photo reproduction quality'' output with super-smooth gradation and virtually continuous tone.
six-color technology to achieve super-smooth gradation and