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But perhaps the greatest difference between the older schooling and the new Graded School lay in their respective disciplinary regimes.
Moreover, free time available during the working day at the Wilson Graded School disappeared, in part because the school day lengthened from about three to six hours and in part because students were expected to complete their work entirely within the confines of the school.
The Wilson Graded School opened for a second year in September with many changes and improvements and with about 300 pupils in attendance.
and his friends were not mistaken, but in the meantime they meant to mount a spirited opposition to the developers in Wilson, and especially to block any effort to impose a tax for a graded school.
50 cent 1893 Columbian issue, graded 95J, Scott catalogue $1,700, sold for $23,000
00 1893 Columbian issue, graded 95, Scott catalogue $9,000, sold for $77,625
15 cent 1895 Watermarked issue, graded 100, Scott catalogue $625, sold for $10,925
Once authenticated and graded, each Pokemon(TM) card is sonically sealed in a patented tamper-evident display case.
Since 1986, the company has authenticated and graded over 7 million collectible coins and sportscards.
This news release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to: our company's limited operating history, acceptance by the collectible stamp market for graded stamps, submission rates for grading of stamps, realized average grading fees, development of a sight-unseen market for the sale of graded stamps, competition, the possible decline in the popularity of some high-end collectibles, the limited availability of high-end collectibles and the risk that Internet based e-commerce providers could make exclusive arrangements with our competitors or other service providers.