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It is no surprise, then, that New Zealand-trained new graduate nurses are leaving for sunnier shores, in effect exacerbating the looming nursing workforce shortage.
FORTY-EIGHT new graduate nurses will receive a scholarship to work in general practices in some of New Zealand's higher-need communities.
A component of the study involves an electronic-based survey questionnaire for all graduate nurses in their first year of practice.
Nurse of the Year wins a $5,000 travel voucher plus a $5,000 education grant; Innovation in Nursing receives a $10,000 development grant and the Graduate Nurse of the Year gets a $2,500 travel voucher plus $2,500 education grant.
The transition experiences of new graduate nurses from university to the workplace have not changed since the transfer of nurse education to the tertiary sector despite the implementation of transition support programs.
JUST 600 of the 1328 new graduate nurses -45 per cent--who applied had secured nurse-entry-to-practice (NETP)/nurse-entry-to-specialist-practice (NESP) positions by early December.
The report uses four different economic models to illustrate what could happen to the nursing workforce if the number of graduate nurses was to increase, decrease, remain stable or be augmented by IQNs (see summary p27-28).
During the first week on the acute neuroscience unit at the bedside, the new graduate nurse started with two patients, and each week, one patient was added to the assignment.
May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC) released its Evaluation Report of four San Francisco Bay Area pilot New Graduate Nurse Transition to Practice Programs (RN Transition Programs).
The nursing literature continues to demonstrate the need for supporting the new graduate nurse.
The loss of a graduate nurse in the first year of practice costs employers approximately $40,000 in hiring and orientation expenses (Halfer & Graf, 2006).
Through reoccurring simulations, the new graduate nurse begins to make the transition from advanced beginner to competent level (Waldner & Olson, 2007).

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