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With these facts, here far too briefly and imperfectly given, which show that there is much graduated diversity in the eyes of living crustaceans, and bearing in mind how small the number of living animals is in proportion to those which have become extinct, I can see no very great difficulty (not more than in the case of many other structures) in believing that natural selection has converted the simple apparatus of an optic nerve merely coated with pigment and invested by transparent membrane, into an optical instrument as perfect as is possessed by any member of the great Articulate class.
2, there are no less than six species with insensibly graduated beaks.
At fifteen she had graduated from grammar school and gone to work in the jute mills for four dollars a week, three of which she had paid to Sarah.
E[acute accent]For example, more than a quarter (26 percent) of Stanford MBAs who graduated two years before the stock market crash of 1987 became investment bankers.
The Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet School graduated 125 cadets Friday, with hopes that many of them will eventually go on to careers in law enforcement where new officers are in demand.
This program offers great value -- I just wish Ford had it when I graduated from college in the 1960s.
Alfano, who had to miss the ceremonies due to dental surgery, graduated with a 4.
Yet a sizable minority of employees surveyed who have graduated within the last five years (22%) reported downloading or copying various kinds of copyrighted files at work (or on their work computers) without paying for the files, with the largest percentage downloading business software (12%).
There's no doubt that the years I spent at Brooks Institute were pivotal in my life," said Kevin Schochat, a photographer's agent who graduated from Brooks in 1982 and is currently an AABI Board of Directors member.
Dixie graduated from Visalia High School in 1942 and worked as a phone operator, receptionist and dental assistant.
Joining this program was one of the best decisions I have made in my life," said Digna Sanchez, who graduated from the program in November 2005 and now works as a business office assistant at the Italian Home for Children.

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