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Many black college graduates are "first-generation" college graduates -- meaning neither parent graduated from college with an undergraduate degree.
Gregoire graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Alternatively, according to these commentators, a student could be graduated from an institution.
Paul King, chairman of UBM, the largest African American-owned construction company in Illinois, graduated from the program and lauds its accomplishments.
Lamont graduated from Clark Atlanta University, magna cum laude and received his law degree from Howard University.
In 1995, about the same proportion (87%) of White and Black students graduated from high school (Jaffe, 1998; USDOC, 1996).
Barclays found men were earning an average of pounds 13,505 compared with pounds 12,176 for woman who graduated at the same time.
The fatal flaw in Exner-Seeman's work, which his own data reveal, is that, given the much larger numbers of Gymnasium than of Realgymnasium or Oberrealschule graduates, a significantly higher number of upper-class sons graduated from the classical than from the semiclassical or modern schools.
Included were data on three groups: (1) persons not known to have a degree, including those who were accepted but declined to attend and those who attended but withdrew without receiving a degree; (2) those who graduated with sub-Bachelor degrees; and (3) Bachelor degree graduates.
The purpose of this study is to understand how recent college graduates are faring in the workforce, specifically looking at those individuals who graduated before and during the difficult labor market caused by the Great Recession.

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