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He graduated from El Camino High last year after participating on the football and wrestling teams, and he's also graduating from Pierce this May.
This scholarship ($1,500) goes to a deserving graduating high school senior who is enrolling in college and pursuing a journalism career.
Maria Hernandez, 24, of Los Angeles, a psychology and child development major, won an Outstanding Graduating Senior Award.
Educational institutions at both the undergraduate and graduate levels would need to consider, among others, their alumni, the parent body, the community where they are located, and the entities--both public and private--that will be employing their graduating students.
The prize is awarded annually to the graduate whose academic accomplishment rises well above that of other high performing students in the same graduating class.
After reaching a peak in 1979, the number of students graduating from the nation's high schools began to decline, dropping precipitously in the 1980's.
Under the current program there is no incentive for graduating, because there is no transitioning program," said Ralph Hernandez, former executive director of the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association, a nonprofit founded to combat discrimination against minorities in the construction industry.
Career Highlights: Battle began his legal career with the Legal Aid Society after graduating from SUNY Buffalo Law School.
For your predecessors in the 01 and 02 classes, they found themselves "engaged" within days of graduating.
Annual attempts by counselors to report graduation rates accurately to the administration, however, led to conflicting reports and the recurring demand to know exactly how many students in a given class were graduating on time.
Nearly all of the respondents indicated that, after graduating from the academy, they were more willing to help the police solve neighborhood problems.
Presumably many 18- to 24-year-olds who are still in school were held back and end up not graduating from high school.