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Of the 255 institutions examined, the authors found the graduation rates for URMs increased only slightly more than that for white students (6.
The National Center of Education Statistics (NCES) is expected to release final graduation rate data--including the nation's overall graduation rate--in the coming months.
The state's high school graduation rates have climbed steadily over the past six years, amid questions about the method it uses to calculate graduation rates, which critics say allows the state and school districts to mask true graduation numbers.
Across Worcester, graduation rates range from 100 percent at University Park Campus School to North High and South High Community schools with graduation rates of 71 and 71.
The demand to attend the North West's first apprenticeship graduation is extremely high, and Liverpool City Region apprentices just have today to register for the pioneering ceremony.
What appears to be a very simple metric, "the national graduation rate", has been promoted as a way to make universities and colleges accountable.
In some alarming cases, graduation rates are moving in the wrong direction.
Most universities charge a graduation fee of about PS45.
Importantly, the recent progress is part of a decade-long trend in improving graduation rates.
Hoodies, T-shirts, pens and even shot glasses have been sold to students and their families during graduation ceremonies being held across the country this summer.
The plaintiffs said they feel unwelcome and extremely uncomfortable attending graduation ceremonies in a church.
The fifth graduation ceremony for the university's Dubai campus was attended by families, friends, academic staff as well as alumni members.