graduation certificate

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Those that attend the full course receive a graduation certificate.
eIuAfter working in Bahrain in a company for 12 months, I was told that I forged my graduation certificate.
The certification of the National Scholarship Test is the only document required for university admission, scores in applicant's school graduation certificate are not taken into account.
Samantha Evans of Conway, assistant director of Main Street Arkansas, recently was awarded a graduation certificate from the Community Development Institute-Central at the University of Central Arkansas.
It is a full-time, six-month course with trainees receiving a graduation certificate on completion.
The ministry said that the girl presented a graduation certificate showing that she obtained 93.
City teenagers have completed a pilot programme where they work towards a graduation certificate in non-academic skills.
The certificates purporting to be from the private university in the western Japan ancient capital are believed to have been printed after scanning and processing an authentic graduation certificate, and had blank spaces for names and birthdays, the officials said.
Charlotte added: "The memory of Sean receiving his graduation certificate with obvious pride and delight is amemory, as parents, we will cherish always.
According to Koga, he attended Pepperdine from 1978 to 1982 and received a graduation certificate through his lawyer when completing procedures to obtain permanent residence in the U.
Following a speech, the children were given gift tokens and a graduation certificate.
Andrew, 21, a former pupil of the Archbishop Grimshaw Catholic School, Solihull, has been awarded his graduation certificate after successfully completing his training at RAF Shawbury, near Shrewsbury, in Shropshire.