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GRADUS. This is a Latin word, literally signifying a step; figuratively it is used to designate a person in the ascending or descending line, in genealogy; a degree.

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In casu autem sententiae Tribunalis secundi gradus deficit signum ad criteria magis obiectiva in aestimatione gradus a nupturiente habitae discretionis iudicii.
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Besides their origin, another common denominator of the three musicians is their being pupils in Vienna of the Imperial Kapellmeister Johann Joseph Fux, one of the greatest musical authorities of the 18th century, whose work Gradus ad Parnassum was widely used as a textbook of composition and counterpoint for many decades.
59) A court would most likely apply the framework from Stancil and Gradus and look at whether the space flight entity has a set place of business, is in the regular business of space travel, has set prices, and advertises.
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Aparece tambien en Modelo V: [section]2, VI: [section]11; Fiesta [section]2; Hijo I: [section]3; Gradus [section]23.
In the standard theoretical environmental literature, Gradus and Smulders (1993), van Ewijk and van Wijnbergen (1995) and Pautrel (2008, 2009), among others, have demonstrated how the negative impact of pollution on learning abilities of individuals can be transmitted to economic growth and shown that a better environmental quality and a higher long-term level of growth are mutually compatible.
For example, "Docto Gradus ad Parnassum" from Children's Corner paints a picture of Debussy's daughter practicing her Clementi technical exercises at the piano.
23) Valga la afirmacion: "In coelestibus itaque desideriis quanto affectus est major, quanto gradus superior, tanto utique melior atque pretiosior.
That he fabricates the idea of writing an "instruction manual" stresses Ashbery's particular interest in the notion of the gradus ad Parnassum that haunts "The Hero," an earlier version of which," as Shoptaw notes, "bore the tide "Dr.
Benedict's Ascending Steps of Humility and Bernard's Descending Steps of Pride Duodecim Gradus Humilitatis Superbiae Gradus in Descendendo 12.