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The grand theory is that Tammany's outreach to the immigrant poor made it a prototype of modern Progressivism, specifically the project of economic regulation in the name of social justice.
At one extreme, grand theory primarily centers on a scientific contribution, whereby a single case study application centers on a practical contribution.
Use of grand theory, semantic use of theory, mismatching theory for the particular study, and selecting low quality or discounted theories are all practices to be avoided in quantitative research in agricultural education.
The contour of this book may be unfamiliar to some sociologists; Unified Growth Theory is a grand theory and aggregate empirical data and models of rational economic actors are used to support the central propositions.
The article is about Kaplan's grand theory of foreign relations, which has little to do with Israel, the Holocaust, or anti-Semitism.
The article in Inspfre called Ahmadi-nejad's grand theory "ridiculous" and said it "stands in face of all logic and evidence.
In its attempt to explain both social and political life, grand theory interprets the world in terms of grand and totalizing narratives, taking into account historical data related to class, political power, and cultural movements.
The study of cinema has lodged itself firmly in the academy and turned slowly away from an adolescent enthusiasm for grand theory towards a recognition of the need to rewrite the history of the cinema.
The result is that the book often seems less a grand theory of innovation than a collection of stories and theories about creativity that Steven Johnson happens to find interesting.
It's impressive and illuminating, but little about the book is more impressive than the number of times Hawking says we just don't have the answers yet: We still lack a grand theory uniting all the physical forces.
Avoiding the gravitational field of a grand theory has its advantages.