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One set of downsides are the missed opportunities for anchoring grand theory in reality and, second, widening the theoretical and conceptual extension of the field's research.
It is the repository of existing individual and social knowledge as well as potential knowledge based on what is already known and recognized as grand theory and paradigms.
Professor Drisko's response is welcome, particularly as he wisely agrees with my major point ("Thyer raises some solid points about the lack of connection between grand theory and many social work dissertations").
Philosophers and scientists have long goggled at the ends of the universe or peered inward, hoping to uncover the Grand Theory of Everything.
The misfortune is that each of these brilliant insights is, as it were, dragged up the side of an ideological volcano and sacrificed whole to the angry, catastrophic god of H's grand theory.
The grand theory of democracy boils down to this: if our elected representatives repeatedly do foolish things, we can get rid of them.
CW: You're getting me into Grand Theory here a bit quickly
Attempting to unify all of physics in one grand theory, theorists have postulated that space really has up to a dozen dimensions.
Realist analysis of international relations, argues Ro (Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies), "can be translated from a systemic grand theory into a repertoire of detailed mechanisms accounting for the cognitive operations that are assumed to determine the conduct of individual men and women who make security policy decisions.
The article in Inspfre called Ahmadi-nejad's grand theory "ridiculous" and said it "stands in face of all logic and evidence.
It may take a European-trained sociologist to fully fathom the connection between Parsonian grand theory and the detailed empirical study presented in this book.
Grand theory embodies a reductionist vision of constitutionalism, which cannot do justice to the untidy grandeur of our constitutional regime.