grand total

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nominee "American Sniper" soldiers on in the fourth spot on our worldwide chart with a grand total of $428.
Black Santa Dean Houston McKelvey yesterday handed over the third and final cheque of more than pounds 470,000 to Christian Aid, bringing the grand total to pounds 1,473,296.
At the time, a grand total of six people were holed up in churches.
5bn HTTP requests have been registered, an increase of 150% on the grand total of 1.
AS RECENTLY REPORTED AND published by the Telecommunications Carriers Association: The Japanese market added 500,000 new subscribers in December of last year, reaching a grand total of about 80 million mobile subscribers.
But he's got the grand total of eight to his name this season and spent most of his time in the physio's room.
The grand total of Year 2003 downloads from "Tax Stats" (www.
In all, customers will be able to mix and match for a grand total of 26 choices.
Brian,45, who lives in Chester, raised a grand total of pounds 1,910 from family,friends,and colleagues,along with donations from McCarthy & Stone,groundworker Robert McLaughlin Ltd and suppliers, subcontractors and consultants.
The grand total for sublease space in Westchester County is 895,800 SF.
The end result: some 3,000 books that sold for a grand total of $24,000 and standing book orders that totaled $37,800, with each book selling for $8.