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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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If you are worried about things being awkward on the day, then why not ask if you can invite your nan and granddad or maybe other relatives too.
Esther, who has already had two lifesaving operations, is telling her mum Sarah: "I'll be well again mummy just like granddad.
OUR Granddad Perry was one of the most important people in our lives when I was young.
Grow Up Granddad |will be performed at ARC from September 3-12 with tickets on sale later this month.
My granddad has been living here since 2012 and it was nice to come up and see him.
But not everyone has their dad in their lives so today let's send a high five to the step-dads, big brothers, uncles, granddads and significant males out there who have provided everything for that special someone - a shoulder to cry on or wrestle on or snuggle on.
My granddad told me that your aunts and uncles and their mothers and fathers helped to save thousands and thousands of lives during the war, so can you save Christmas?
The source insisted that Jagger was delighted and had no qualms about being a great grandfather, as he has been joking that he would still be performing after becoming a great, great, granddad.
Try saying: "You know what happened to your granddad, so please don't smoke in front of me, in my house or garden.
CARTER (Lanchester) Loving memories of a wonderful Husband, Dad, and Granddad who left us one year ago, reunited with our wonderful daughter Jennifer.
Richard, whose mum Jennifer lives in Almondbury, said: "My granddad played for Huddersfield so I thought it was the right place for them to be.
Dad's always potching about outdoors and is obsessive about keeping the water clear in his SCENE Lynne Allbutt "My granddad and dad are good gardeners, but I'm still too young to be gardening yet," says the 21-year-old.