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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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There is, however, much to learn about grandpaternal engagement and questions of relationship development are best addressed when scholars operate within the grandfathering paradigm (Bates, 2009a) which centers on the interactive, behavioral, and social-cognitive aspects of intergenerational relationship growth and enhancement.
It is anticipated that the government will publish medical inflation statistics for purposes of grandfathering calculations.
2601-1(b)(1)(i) (TD 8644, 12/26/95), which provided that the grandfathering rules do not apply to a pro-rata portion of any GST under an irrevocable trust if additions are made to the trust after Sept.
As of March 31, with two business days remaining in the comment period, the SBA said it had received approximately 6,000 comments on the grandfathering proposal.