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At once crass and deft, salt of the earth and grandiloquent, he is a remarkable political animal.
Khanfar begins his screed with a grandiloquent statement: "Qatar was simultaneously accused of hosting Hamas; supporting the Muslim Brotherhood; backing Hezbollah; having close ties with Iran; sowing the seeds of sedition inside Saudi Arabia, and all the while maintaining intimate relations with Israel.
When they first talked about the Grandmaster, Waititi made this request: "I want you to do your particular version of this character without being comic-y or grandiloquent.
The Counselor" (2013): Although it baffled as many as it impressed, "The Counselor" has the distinction of being the first original screenplay by Cormac McCarthy ("No Country for Old Men") and the language is poetic, dense and a tad grandiloquent.
Together, they created a powerful and grandiloquent theatrical experience.
The new Ministers, especially the Foreign Minister, were making grandiloquent and carefree statements in public knowing full well that their ability to deliver was very limited at best.
Busoni's grandiloquent whirlwind fantasy tipped its hat to Johann Strauss, but then whisked it swiftly into the composer's own surreal vision of the future.
Through this grandiloquent and miserable character, who comes complete with megalomaniac views on the role of Israel in the Middle East, Modiano mocks the fantasy of the powerful Jew.
At the same time, there may, of course, be good cause to question the SNP's poetic license in declaring that an independent Scotland will be able to afford a grandiloquent welfare state sharply at variance with the depressingly austere norms in the rest of the British Isles.
The problem with most conferences is that statements are made, undertakings are given, lofty ideals are shouted from the podium and grandiloquent communiques are issued, without measurable results being presented at conferences that follow.
In order to make a statement, it's all about bold, unabashed and grandiloquent.
No grandiloquent speeches by the Israeli foreign minister.