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Anastasiades is correct in pursuing the strengthening of relations with neighbouring countries, but there is no need to embellish this with grandiose plans about strategic co-operation and other such platitudes.
The Grandiose features a 'swan-neck' wand stem to enhance your eyelash curves with a flick of the wrist, from corner to corner and root to tip.
JARDIN DE JADE, Block A, 2558 Yan'an Road West, LOOK beyond the grandiose interior, reminiscent of a flashy Las Vegas hotel, because the food on offer here is first class.
08 ( ANI ): The bright and dark sides of the United States presidents over the years have been reflected through grandiose narcissism, an analysis by Emory psychologists revealed.
Those who had high scores on grandiose exhibitionism tended to amass more friends on Facebook.
Summary: Egyptians poured into Tahrir Square on Wednesday to mark a year since the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, with the ruling military planning grandiose celebrations and activists vowing to reignite their unfinished revolution, reports BBC.
The content of delusions and hallucinations in religious and non-religious schizophrenics was examined and revealed that religious schizophrenics possess a higher frequency of "religious delusions and beliefs of grandiose identity or ability" (p, 257).
In all of this situation, the most funny thing is that a project is instigated for free swimming lessons while we do not have a swimming pool, walls are built for sport climbing, grandiose tennis courts are projected while the sport brands as Vardar, MZT-Skopje, Rabotnicki, Kometal fall through.
Ten million euros from the Budget are to be spent for mounting grandiose monuments of ancient heroes that will occupy Skopje's square, says Lindita Sejdiu.
His arrangements are layered but never overbearing or grandiose, resulting in a sound inspired by bubblegum beats and Beach Boys symphonics.
That means more small projects that accomplish much good quickly, not grandiose schemes that demand more time or money than we have.
Colin is so believable with his endearing, grandiose ideas and innocent decency that his character brims with life.