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Similarly, scores on the Grandiosity scale were higher at the end of the year than at the beginning, F (1,138) = 4.
Less grandiosity and more civility on thoroughfares
Psychopathic prisoners treated at the Westgate Unit are manipulative and pathological liars and often display grandiosity and superficial charm.
The guidelines lead clinicians through a comprehensive evaluation to differentiate manic symptoms like euphoria, grandiosity, and increase in goal-directed activity from manifestations of other disorders (notably attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) and from normal behavior (J.
The index lists individual character flaws: anger, austerity, boastfulness, callousness, conservatism, detachment, didacticism, egotism, exaggeration, fearful[ness], fecundity, flamboyance, grandiosity, humourless[ness], isolation, liar, megalomania, misanthropy, obstinacy, pretentiousness, pride, self-praise, self-righteousness, [and] a show-off, among others.
His music veers from simple piano/ acoustic guitar-led melodies to arrangements of almost operatic grandiosity.
Of course, Saddam's heroic pretensions are especially visible in the grand edifices, like the Mosque of the Mother of All Battles, that he built to honor his grandiosity.
Let's not forget Cardinal Bernard Law, who I personally saw marching in grandiosity at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception a few weeks ago at the memorial to Bob Hope.
What follows is an often hilarious saga of a newly minted entrepreneur whose deadpan grandiosity is juxtaposed with an absolute absence of self-awareness.
The Massine ballets, so full of grandiosity and virtuosic displays, represented the antithesis of Tudor's balletic ideals.
That would be extraordinary grandiosity on my part.
NIMH's grandiosity is the heart of the problem, for amidst its dabbling in everyone else's work, it has forgotten to do its own.