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GRANDMOTHER, domestic relations. The mother of one's father or mother. The father's mother is called the paternal grandmother; the mother's mother is the maternal grandmother.

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Gordon himself shares the demythologizing attitude through his desire to correct the image of Carter as "a primitive, quasi-mystical teller of tales," an image that only became more prevalent "after she stopped dyeing her hair in the 1980s" (278); such views, Gordon feels, give short shrift to the many qualities in Carter's writing that challenge the grandmotherly tale-teller image.
We're desperate to know what it's like behind the scenes on our es favourite show - we have visions of the judges sitting down to dinner with the contestants after the cameras are turned off, Paul breaking bread, as it were, with the bakers, while Mary dishes out grandmotherly advice on how to produce a flan with just the right amount of wobble.
A grandmotherly figure with white hair peers benignly over her reading glasses in a magazine ad.
Roles to be filled include two teenage boys, two men and two women in the age range of 30s and 40s, plus one 60-ish grandmotherly actor.
And then there are the idyllicsounding, Famous Five-esque tales of childhood holidays by the sea, and catching and cooking her own fish for her latest television series, all delivered in her clipped, warm grandmotherly voice, with smiles and a small hand reaching out every so often to pat you affectionately on the arm.
Grandmother Mazina had a grandmotherly quality and fans loved her shows," commented Lady Selah SuJuris, Program Director of Storytellers Campfire Radio.
This time, the victim was girl about age 2 years, in full scream, sitting on her mother's lap, her right arm pinned by her mother and an ungloved fully visible pink-printed grandmotherly assistant.
A small town prosecuting attorney called his first witness to the stand in a trial--a grandmotherly, elderly woman.
Each photo (shown here) depicts a grandmotherly looking woman, head covered by a babushka, holding up pictures of Lenin and Stalin, or a Soviet WWII-era propaganda poster.
Throughout the concert, it was hard to tell whether the middleaged men sat around me were rocking to and fro in their seats in appreciation of the music or in fear of daring make a bid for the toilets, lest they incur her grandmotherly scorn at turning their back on her.
At The New Yorker, she played an integral part in the magazine's transformation From a decoration atop grandmotherly coffee tables to the modern magazine of record for the East Coast's left-wing elite.