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GRANDMOTHER, domestic relations. The mother of one's father or mother. The father's mother is called the paternal grandmother; the mother's mother is the maternal grandmother.

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You call your wife grandmotherly - are you worried about people such as this young girl viewing you like that?
The grandmotherly figure starred on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Golden Girls," and in recent years has seen her celebrity grow ever higher by contrasting her sweet, matronly image with a sometimes foul mouth.
Tattooed girls in bras and jeans play hipster Marys to the old woman as a grandmotherly archangel, a dove at her command (Touched and Teaching, both 2007); in a kind of auto-pieta, a young avatar rises from the lap of the supine and perhaps dead elder (Coming Forth, 2008).
Still, at age 12, I longed to swear like an old duck hunter without fear of grandmotherly repercussion.
A well-meaning grandmotherly woman asked me (in the check-out lane at Kroger's
She spent a blissful evening, doing grandmotherly things, she says fondly: "Bathtime, stories, and then tucking them into bed.
Pauline Marois--running in 2007 for party leader of the Parti Quebecois at 58 (Jeffrey Simpson called her "almost grandmotherly," suggesting that if she represented renewal "then the federal Liberals should bring back Herb Gray," then 76.
Told by a grandmotherly fairy, filled with full-page, story enriching, and the colorful artwork of Mark Wayne Adams, "The Belly Button Fairy" is the perfect example of the author's whimsical philosophy, "Who better to blame it on than a fairy?
Luckily, my grandmotherly Melkite Catholic host helped me feel welcome on Holy Saturday afternoon.
Take the once placid, grandmotherly Italian restaurant owner who begins throwing rave parties in the shopping center parking lot without the owner's knowledge or permission.
She soon became a valued part of our household and a grandmotherly figure to our three sons.
With her grandmotherly appearance, slight handshake, and lack of formal credentials (she didn't major in political science, study law, or even finish her accounting degree), it would be easy to underestimate Underwood and the power she holds.