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GRANDFATHER, domestic relations. The father of one's father or mother. The father's father is called the paternal grandfather; the mother's father is the maternal grandfather.

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Due to be screened on Cbeebies on February 10, Grandpa In My Pocket is about a young boy's everyday adventures with his mischievous Grandpa and his magic shrinking cap.
That's when I got to sit with Grandpa in one of those roomy stands or blinds, watching and waiting quietly, absorbing and anticipating the day I'd be permitted to hunt and not just watch.
Grandpa and Kelly sat at the table and drew pictures of fish on paper.
There was one more song they had to sing first as a surprise: ``Happy Birthday to You'' - to the man they call Grandpa.
The 76-year-old star, who plays Grandpa Joe Bucket, looks set to cap a 50-year career with a prestigious Academy Award.
Some people might be worried if their grandpa woke them up in the middle of the night.
I had never seen one, but my Grandpa said that tram cars were like buses that whizzed up and down the broad busy city streets on iron rails that were embedded right into the surface of the roadway.
Grandpa invites the two down to the pond to count the ducklings; when they arrive, however, the pond is dried up and the ducklings are nowhere to be found.
Grandpa is an artist who is compelled to complete one last painting, and it must be done at the river.
And a little after Kfar Saba Dad stopped the car and pointed ahead and said to me and to Shaulie, the Green Line passes about here, and Grandpa - who from the minute we got into the car until the minute when we stopped to see the Green Line hadn't stopped grumbling about how Mom had refused to come with us again, and what a disgrace it was to have such a leftist, who had once even been arrested and locked up for demonstrating against our own soldiers, in the family, and what kind of an education were his grandchildren getting in a house ruled by a culture of political lawlessness - corrected Dad and said, the Green Line doesn't pass here, sir, it passed here
Did you name me after Grandpa so he could remember my name?
Grandpa Hopewell's nieghborscan't remember exactly when he began to fly in his tractor.