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Your name, I think, is Maule, --Thomas or Matthew Maule,--a son or grandson of the builder of this house?
Certain papers belonging to Colonel Pyncheon, as his grandson distinctly recollected, had been spread out on the table.
But that matter concerns his grandson more than it does Matthew Maule.
His mind was haunted with the many and strange tales which he had heard, attributing mysterious if not supernatural endowments to these Maules, as well the grandson here present as his two immediate ancestors.
Rouncewell and her grandson follow them; a young gardener goes before to open the shutters.
Her grandson is so attentive to it that Rosa is shyer than ever-- and prettier.
The Grandson of twenty-three referred to himself five or six times as an "old traveler,"and as many as three times (with a serene complacency which was maddening) as a "man of the world.
de Turenne, and many others, my contemporaries, I, admiral of France, grandson of Henry IV.
My grandson noticed how I reacted; by now he knows why I don't go to church even if we have lived near a historic house of worship for many years.
SIALKOT -- aAn old man and his minor grandson were killed in a collision between their motorcycle and tractor trolley near village Karloop-Daallowali on Sialkot-Kingra Road here today.
Renewal works for bituminous pavement between grandson and vaumarcus (bienne and lausanne roadway including 2 traffic lanes + bau): traffic separation device: traffic closure in the work zone, bidirectional setting in the opposite direction.
Dear Coleen MY HUSBAND and I have an eight-year-old grandson who we adore and we get to have him on a regular basis for sleepovers, also taking him to school because both his parents work.