grant amnesty

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The Obama administration must respect the ruling of the courts and abandon its plans to grant amnesty or to otherwise change U.
Irresponsible protests will lead to the collapse of the state," he said, and refused to answer a question on whether he was willing to grant amnesty to Protest Law detainees, if elected.
The lawyer's move comes after Press Council of India (PCI) chairman Justice (retired) Markandey Katju made an appeal to the Governor to grant amnesty to the actor after he was upheld guilty by the Supreme Court on Thursday.
Global Banking News-July 10, 2012--India to grant amnesty to HSBC account holders who evaded taxes(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Putin submitted the bill to grant amnesty to tens of thousands of convicted criminals as a gesture of goodwill to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Constitution.
In return, the bloc will lift trade and economic sanctions and grant amnesty to the ruling junta, mediators said.
LIBDEM leader Nick Clegg wants to grant amnesty to between 500,000 and one million illegal immigrants in the UK so they will pay taxes.
Ahmadi-nejad went on to say that Iran could not grant amnesty to a French teacher accused of spying unless France was willing to reciprocate in dealing with Iranian prisoners in France.
Nigeria's president has said he is prepared to grant amnesty to armed groups in the oil-rich Niger delta who agree to give up their weapons.
At the time, former President Arroyo, now a congressman at the House of Representatives, cautioned Aquino and said it is useless to grant amnesty to unrepentant failed coup plotters.
Family members of the murdered were brought to the court and asked if they would grant amnesty, however they insisted that the murderers be given maximum penalty.
It will also grant amnesty to the security forces' actions taken during the last three-year operation in the tribal areas.