grant authority to

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The executive order did not grant authority to surveil Americans without warrant, but NSA documents reveal that this is how intelligence officials have "interpreted" it.
To grant authority to issue 6,737,113 ordinary shares.
FUNDAY TUESDAY Tuesday, December 8, 2009 1 French brandy (6) 5 Musical disc (6) 10 Not in (3) 12 Solicitor's charge (3) 13 Not as long (7) 14 Polishes (5) 15 Greek O (5) 16 Peculiar (7) 19 Legal suit (4) 21 Long-leaved lettuce (3) 22 Begins to rain (5) 24 Sprawled (5) 26 Animal skin (3) 27 Telephone inventor (4) 30 Belief, judgement (7) 32 Tremble, quiver (5) 34 Sky blue (5) 36 Funeral procession (7) 38 Hair application (3) 39 Stiff bristle of grass (3) 40 Grant authority to (6) 41 Positive electrodes (6) 1 Habit, practice (6) 2 Gosling's mum (5) 3 Railway union (1,1,1) 4 Entice (7) 6 Bit of dying fire (5) 7 Crime (7) 8 Soccer official (3) 9 Sought after house?
He demanded of the federal government to grant authority to the provincial government for excavating mineral reserves in the province.
COPENHAGEN, November 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In connection with the approval of the interim report for the third quarter of 2008, and with reference to the historically good result combined with the development of the share price the Board of directors has decided to convene an extraordinary general meeting in order to request the shareholders to grant authority to the Board of directors enabling it to make an interim dividend distribution of DKK 4.
finalize delegation of grant authority to provide clear oversight; and
It is used to grant authority to another person to make property, business and other legal decisions on a person's behalf (i.
The provision is not intended to grant authority to the banking agencies for fishing expeditions" or to allow the exercise of extraterritorial jurisdiction over the non-U.
The stockholders are being asked to grant authority to the Board of Directors to determine, in its discretion, the actual ratio of the reverse stock split immediately prior to the effective date of the reverse stock split, and when such reverse stock split should be implemented.
Nasdaq: ESCIC) announced today that the proposal before the shareholders to grant authority to the Company's Board of Directors to effect a 1-for-4 reverse stock split has been dropped because more than 50% of the shares were not represented.
Integrating RoboDemo with Perception provides focused and realistic practice of an application while collecting results that can be used to help learners with their studies, or grant authority to use certain applications, assuming the learner has passed the test.
Resolution 5: to grant authority to allot Ordinary Shares for cash,