grant clemency

See: pardon
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The President of the Republic decided to grant clemency or commute prison sentences for 1,351 offenders; 956 among the latter will be released.
Indonesian President Joko Widodo earlier said that he would not grant clemency to any prisoners convicted on drug charges.
Respectfully I request that you grant clemency in this case," wrote Paul.
But relatives of Sarbandi, a 47-year-old surgeon who earlier worked for the intelligence ministry, refused to grant clemency, demanding, according to Iranian media, that Jabbari tell "the truth.
3) He could reverse convictions, reduce charges to lesser included offenses, and grant clemency of nearly any kind without explanation.
To be noted, the courts often grant clemency in cases of the so-called honor killings.
Defense attorney David Coombs had asked President Barack Obama to grant clemency to Manning.
If the High court confirms the death sentences, the final decision will lie with the President, who has the power to grant clemency.
Even if the hangings are upheld on appeal by the Supreme Court, the final decision must be confirmed by the president, who has the power to grant clemency.
The committee noted that some persons accused of rape and murder were given clemency by the president," the panel says in its report, adding: " The committee feels that discretionary power to grant clemency should be used judiciously, particularly in the cases when the courts at the higher levels have upheld the death sentence.
25 of the same year, President Rajapaksa made an appeal to the king to grant clemency to Nafeek on humanitarian grounds.
Mega also says she is thankful for the Canadian government's calls to the Iranian government to grant clemency to her husband.