grant exemption

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She added neutral countries such as Austria, Finland and Switzerland do not grant exemption to US military flights.
Board member Dean Eppley, a Wabash, Indiana farmer, said there was also heated discussion of the board's eventual decision to grant exemption from regulation to the small producer with sales less than $5,000 a year.
Activists also say that the power to grant exemption u for 15 days in a year u should not be given to district magistrates.
It is being proposed to grant exemption to high efficiency irrigation equipment and greenhouse farming equipment in order to promote agriculture.
He requested the court to grant exemption for one day to former president.
Austin was made in accordance with the New York Stock Exchange's employment inducement grant exemption and therefore was not awarded under any of the Company's stockholder-approved equity plans.
RAWALPINDI -- Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has accorded approval to grant exemption in property tax to the traders of Murree road Rawalpindi to compensate the loss being caused to them due to construction of Metro bus project.
Court remarked "we cannot grant exemption to you as this case is against you and it is essential for you to appear in the court.
It also expects to lobby with the Centre to grant exemption from cabotage provisions.
The new law will grant exemption from punishment for those who receive a sext and either report or destroy it within 48 hours.
These Option Grants were awarded in accordance with the New York Stock Exchange employment inducement grant exemption and were therefore not awarded under any of the Company's stockholder approved equity plans.