grant forgiveness

See: pardon
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All the hurrahs, carried upward upon the sonorous waves of the immense acoustic tube, arrived with the sound of thunder at its mouth; and the multitude ranged round Stones Hill heartily united their shouts with those of the ten revelers hidden from view at the bottom of the gigantic Columbiad.
The sun was for a great part of the time obscured by the smoke, and the loftiest mountains were hidden from view.
The deformity which degraded and destroyed the manly beauty of his head and breast was hidden from view by an Oriental robe of many colors, thrown over the chair like a coverlet.
In a corner, almost hidden from view, were three gentlemen, who had preceded Athos and Aramis, and an officer was examining their passports.
There was a spot there which was quite closed in and hidden from view by large trees; and to this spot the children used to come to me.
Shakspeare is always present when one reads his book; Macaulay is present when we follow the march of his stately sentences; but the Old Testament writers are hidden from view.
And here, confined, hidden from view all except his ears, no longer growling, he continued to nudge and snuggle.
The lower portion of the other is hidden from view by the head of the unwieldy bedstead which is thrust close up against it.
It may be possible to grant forgiveness even for a loss as grievous as she must live with.
An intense programme of intercommmunal grassroots dialogue workshops needs to be set up island-wide empowering an honest exchange of memories that willingly admit the past transgressions of both communities, present the opportunity for apologies given and accepted, and grant forgiveness freely expressed so that a true reconciliation can be achieved.
Thank you, sorry, please grant forgiveness and atonement.
Tendencies to grant forgiveness were directly related to seeking forgiveness.