grant forgiveness

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He pointed out that this does not in any way downplay the efforts they made, and prayed to God the Almighty to grant forgiveness to the deceased and that they rest in peace in paradise, and prayed for the injured to be blessed with a speedy recovery.
While victims can grant forgiveness, there is no way we will give up rights of the state against those who caused fear in the population," Raissi said.
Then, we examine health outcomes experienced by victims of offense who (4) grant forgiveness to their perpetrators.
What the Unforgiving Servant fails to recognize is that accepting forgiveness also means accepting the responsibility to grant forgiveness.
Making the leap to grant forgiveness to someone who wounded me deeply, even knowing it will heal me, has been an incredible struggle.
USTPAC notes the significant differences between the conflicts of South Africa and Sri Lanka - chief among them the fact that those oppressed under apartheid chose to grant forgiveness and amnesty after the defeat of apartheid, which is now illegal under current international law.
It's up to Adele to grant forgiveness to his dad and start a new chapter yet again in her life.
In this manner, some viewers implicated by the history of real secret police torturers simply will refuse to grant Forgiveness some safe fictional realm wherein Tertius Coetzee can work out his guilt in imagined reconciliation.
This increased willingness to grant forgiveness following an apology is probably connected to the victim's perception that the transgressor recognizes the harmful situation for what it was and/or the victim experiences increased empathy for the transgressor (Witvliet, Ludwig, & Bauer, 2002).
Touching on statements made by March 8 Christian parties accusing him of bias toward their rivals in the March 14 coalition, Sfeir said he was at equal distance from rival Christian parties and he asked God to grant forgiveness to those who accused him of being impartial.
It is the site where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) delivered his last sermon, and Muslims believe on this day the doors of heaven open to answer prayers and grant forgiveness.
Trained counselors can help families have end-of-life discussions, grant forgiveness, determine care goals.