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Jackson Lees can help and advise you on the following issues that you will face: individual's death valuations for both assets and liabilities accounts for HMRC inheritance tax is payable (if applicable) the grant of probate or grant or letters of administration (where there is no will) which establishes the authority of the person dealing with the estate and the validity of the will best accommodate a beneficiary's needs or reduce inheritance tax eg, by varying the terms of the will finally distribute the estate to the beneficiaries Chris comments: "The range of expertise and experience within the Wills, Trusts & Probate department allows us to be in an unrivalled position in offering specialist advice and guidance through what can be a tough time following the death of a loved one.
An executor named in a Will who does not apply for a grant of probate must still provide notices to beneficiaries, family members, a spouse, adult interdependent partner, former spouses and adult interdependent partners, and the Public Trustee where applicable.
You can, for example, proceed to clear the property, get it ready for marketing, approach your choice of agents as well as instructing your solicitor to prepare the contract papers with the outstanding Grant of Probate (which is the legal document entitling the executors to sell), to follow, enabling the property to be marketed.
Where there is a will, the executor applies for a grant of probate from a section of the court known as the Probate Registry.
You will also need to apply to the court for a grant of probate - the legal authority you must obtain before you can begin administering the estate.
On your death, when the Will has been submitted to the Court and the Grant of Probate has been issued, the family home can be transferred into the name of the surviving spouse/partner at the Land Registry for a small fee.
The 46 year-old used her position to convince families to give her Grant of Probate, which would allow her to liquidate assets and accounts.
When an individual dies the policy or investments can be claimed and paid out to dependants or representatives without waiting for a grant of probate or letters of administration.
I was standing in the Law Courts in Middlesbrough being told I had to go home and ring Newcastle for an appointment to come back to the same building in which I was trying to obtain the grant of probate.
A grant of probate was made to release his personal estate of pounds 455,990, which was reduced after liabilities to pounds 377,548.
To push sales, a company spokesman says: "I am pleased to offer a true copy of Diana's nicely-crafted six page Last Will and Testament, plus a single page codicil, to which I have added a copy of the British Grant of Probate.
information about the grant of probate or administration, and a brief biography of the testator drawn from standard sources.