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It has a five-band graphic equalizer, four-band spectrum analyzer, auto tape selectors and music search.
Sleek and stylish, the LG Rhythm offers customers a premium music player with Digital Signal Processing as well as a graphic equalizer professionally tuned by Mr.
The Osprey-240 card includes the new Osprey Aviator[TM] encoder management software, which features an advanced audio processor and video pre-processing tools such as an audio dynamic range compressor, graphic equalizer, vector scope, and waveform monitor, as well as advanced video de-interlacing.
The Osprey-700 HD card includes the new Osprey Aviator(TM)encoder management software, which features advanced audio and video pre-processing tools such as an audio dynamic-range compressor and graphic equalizer, advanced video de-interlacing, and a vector scope and waveform monitor.
A 13-band graphic equalizer, 3-band parametric equalizer, multi-channel auto equalizer and auto time alignment provide key adjustments, tailoring the sound to the listener's exact parameters.
The nXZEN(TM) PLUS also provides users with a wireless 8-band graphic equalizer to fine-tune their sound from a personal computer.