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ProfoundSound CSharp features a rich user interface equipped with a 10-band graphic equalizer, variable loudness, auto sound leveling, variable dynamic surround sound, variable dynamic virtual bass, variable high frequency restoration, a 20-band spectral analyzer, variable dynamic bass and dynamic voice, plus the ability to customize and save consumer-designated settings, all designed to give the consumer ultimate flexibility.
The 50-watt NSX-V150M an electronic graphic equalizer, digital tuner, dual auto reverse cassette decks and a pair of three-way speakers carry a suggested price of $900.
It has a five-band graphic equalizer, four-band spectrum analyzer, auto tape selectors and music search.
The three-piece breakaway unit also contains a graphic equalizer, a stereo headphone jack, and AC/DC operation--2.
The software features a user interface that is as easy to work with as the graphic equalizer on a home stereo system.
Each Musica MU5066KP keypad includes a 5-band graphic equalizer, the ability to turn all room on/off, and up to 48 macro functions.
The Osprey-700 HD card includes the new Osprey Aviator(TM)encoder management software, which features advanced audio and video pre-processing tools such as an audio dynamic-range compressor and graphic equalizer, advanced video de-interlacing, and a vector scope and waveform monitor.
The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic offers a complete music experience and features a number of music and entertainment essentials, including a graphic equalizer, 8GB memory for up to 6000 tracks, support for all main digital music formats, and a 3.