graphic treatment

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The new color coded "effervescent" graphic treatment helps to differentiate each category.
If wallpaper is too much of a commitment,'' he adds, "consider a graphic treatment on the walls with paint.
There is nothing special about it, no big idea, even the execution can be done in a more interesting way when it comes to post, colouring and the whole cinemato- graphic treatment.
People can also see Samsung trying out a new graphic treatment for the location, weather and voice search icons.
The ZX also gets its very own graphic treatment along with redesigned headlamps and a roof spoiler.
Continuity has been maintained, but the contemporary graphic treatment captures a feeling of concordance and visual harmony.
What stands out in this graphic treatment is both a sense of the very different world view of First Nations peoples, and the fact that being a teen can be filled with difficulties no matter who you are and what race or culture you come from.
While working with our art director, Michael Ulrich, and our editorial team, Payton Miller and Kimberly Dolbee, on the overall resdesign, I started looking back at some earlier issues of Guns & Ammo, taking note of the graphic treatment and content over the last five decades.
Graphic treatment was kept informal to convey a light-hearted feeling to the program.
In fact, by staging the wedding as a compulsory social ritual to which the bride is subjected, Nijinska's work offers a protofeminist approach that--like her reduced aesthetic and graphic treatment of space and image--remains relevant and interesting.
A sample screen shot of the static graphic treatment is shown in Figure 2.
The graphic treatment takes it out of real time so the bodies are beautiful images gracefully falling through space.