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The number of logs grappled for each cycle is dependent on size and often by product.
The church has not grappled in any uniform way with how to make itself a place of comfort "so that kids will like it here," said Ms.
Judaism in North America grappled in late March with the divisive shock caused by accusations from North American Orthodox rabbis that the two other branches of Judaism, the Reform and Conservative, are misleading their followers, and "are not Judaism at all.
They suggests mosasaurs sometimes grappled each other's noses, much as some modern alligators and lizards do.
I hadn't grappled with the fact - and I still probably haven't grappled with the fact - that this is permanent.
They reported that the principal variables affecting skidding cycle time were skidding distance, machine flywheel horsepower, number of bunches grappled, and number of trees per turn.