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The US manufacturer claims that its G310 GC, G313 GC, and the G315 GC grapples will minimise owning and operating costs for its customers.
The arrival of Grapples each fall has become a highly anticipated event for those who have come to love this unique produce offering," said Todd Snyder, co-developer of Grapples.
A colorful, high-graphic display unit holds two cases of Grapples clamshells specially marked with promotion details.
Rockland Heavy-Duty H23 Excavator Grapples are designed for working in severe conditions presented in demolition, rock handling and land clearing applications.
New Holland Construction dispatched six Super Boom L190 skid steer loaders and pallet fork attachments, brush grapples and grapple buckets from the company's Wichita plant to the area for use in clearing and removing tons of debris and moving emergency supplies and materials.
The proximity to these structures made methods like implosion impossible, says Bailes, so the silos and conveyors had to be taken down manually, piece by piece with a fleet of material handling equipment affixed with specialized demolition attachments, such as multi-processors, grapples, hammers and shears.
The country's largest metropolis, like most major cities in Latin America, grapples with rampant theft, kidnapping and a murder rate second only to Bogota's.
PHOTO Niklaus Lange, left, Linna Carter and Daniel Chilson star in ``Defying Gravity,'' a film about a gay fraternity brother who grapples with coming out when his boyfriend is attacked.
Through training and sparring against computer-controlled opponents, players will develop an ever-increasing repertoire of moves and abilities, drawing from up to 10 different martial arts styles with a greater number of kicks, strikes and grapples than before.
For desktop dining or snacks to go, keep Grapples on your desk or in the office fridge.
Factory-direct manufacturer of buckets, grapples, rakes, forks, thumbs and couplers.
Recyclers of scrap metal have long used lifting magnets and grapples to unload and load scrap, as well as to move it within the yard and feed it to larger processing equipment.