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When referees met every Premier League club before the start of the season to discuss the interpretation of the laws of the game, neither the players nor the managers at each club saw grappling in the box as a problem to be addressed.
Special grappling shin pads are available and are designed to allow flexibility and stay on for longer.
It has to be the same for everybody - if grappling is allowed, we all have to be allowed to do it.
Kyle Connolly won his first two fights and lost his third, while Kieran Starkey won his first two fights and lost the third on points to win a silver medal in his first ever grappling competition after just two weeks training.
The MMA Grappling Side Control application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad provides extensive detail into how to secure and execute the submissions from Side Control and from the bottom.
Submission grappling is a mix of Olympic sports including judo and wrestling with other combats sports such as sambo and Brazilian jui-jitsu.
The Greyston Foundation's Issan House is a model for other communities grappling with how to house a particularly vulnerable special needs population, enabling them to better manage their health and stabilize their lives.
Judo is a grappling sport, like wrestling, but the participants wear a jacket (called a gi).
Traditional grappling hooks generally are "large, bulky and risky to use, because the breaking strength of the metal is largely unknown.
This hook is known variously as a grappling hook, skyhook, and cliff-hanger.
Draper, a former high-school teacher, creates a provocative tale of young people grappling with issues of right and wrong, popularity and self-identity.
In certain respects, 86 years later the United States is still grappling with Wilson's vision.