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GRASP had added 21 partners since 2013, which represents a 26 percent growth in national governments, research institutions, United Nations agencies, conservation organizations and private supporters committed to the protection of great apes and their habitat.
ABC Global Services' Chief Executive Officer, Eric Altschul commented, "We are very impressed with Grasp Technologies' capabilities, products and their team.
1: Customer's gun hand firmly grasps the frame, trigger finger is straight and above the triggerguard, while the support hand firmly grasps slide with thumb forward.
Doug Cress, programme coordinator of GRASP, said: "It is clear the protecting great apes and their forest homes will require a broad-based effort to be successful.
Are there some parts that we couldn't grasp in Gezi events, yes, there are.
This grasp-object facilitation effect has also been found using a static grasp gesture as a prime in an object categorization task (Borghi et al.
The Grasp leadership are due to meet next month when Bowerman's previous roles within the group will be redistributed.
Then there is the grasping set, which stabilizes the grasp while the hand manipulates or actuates an object.
Interestingly, the blood flow pattern changes depending on whether the subject intends to grasp the object by the top or bottom and whether she intends to turn it.
Grasp Technologies, a US-based design company, has reported its results for the first quarter in 2011.
Covering areas from chemical and mechanical hazards, through to preventing cross contamination and the dangers of dermatitis, the new Grasp Food Report is designed to reinforce the message of the importance of hand protection in an industry that is still very much reliant on the hands of workers.