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The trust is using the money to help manage the special grassland habits of the Whin Sill and the shingle banks of the River Tyne.
All money raised will be spent on conserving the region's rare grasslands which are in decline.
It follows the recent discovery of archive documents which shed fresh light on the origins of Tir Glas Ynys Mon, the island's grassland society.
fragmentation and degradation), synergistic effects, such as limited food supply because of pesticide use, should also be considered, along with investigations of habitat use requirements, in the evaluation of population declines of grassland birds (Soderstrom and Part 2000).
They say Ms Jewkes brings to BGS a wealth of experience in grassland research and commerce, from her time as a scientist based at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER) in North Wyke, Devon, and more recently as grassland specialist for GrowHow UK Ltd.
YWT wants to restore large areas of grassland and to put up nest boxes across Yorkshire to help our barn owls recover.
The study found natural-unfertilized-grasslands with a variety of grass species have more stability because of species "asynchrony," which means that different species thrive at different times so that the grassland produces more consistently over time.
Sinkiang Narat Grassland Resort, a national 5A Scenic Spot, is located in the interior of Mount Tianshan, enjoying the nickname of "Paradise in the World.
A conservation group is buying up grassland in Montana, USA, with the intention of returning it to its natural state.
Hohhot, Jumada I 16, 1433, Apr 8, 2012, SPA -- Two people were killed and another eight injured in a grassland fire Saturday in north China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, local authorities said Sunday.
Grassland covers about a quarter of Earth's terrestrial surface--about the same as forests or cultivated land.
Semi-natural grasslands, both hay meadows and pastures, have significantly decreased in Latvia due to the decline of traditional grassland management practices (Rusina, 2007, 2008).