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Today, roaming around the grassless plot of ground is a large old yellow dog that ignores a couple of chicken hens and six pullets scratching and pecking around.
The course is grassless, thus requiring no water or fertilizer, and the "greens" are oiled to stop the sand from blowing away.
The hosts were 31 for two in the 14th over but, thanks to a stand of 41 between Rob Key and Martin van Jaarsveld, they were recovering when Peter Trego snared Key three overs before close of play Earlier, Kent's pace bowlers ensured that Somerset made a poor start after batting on a grassless pitch.
Her initial project was a playground in the unrecognised Dreijatt village, an unpaved, grassless, gravel-pitted eyesore that lacked any recreational areas.
Now the sons of daddy are hatching and munching through the roots, leaving chunks of the playing surface grassless.
Need you to meet some fellas," Ham slurred, staggering down three steps into a dark grassless lot.
The grassless pitch where he played as a youngster may be in the same city as the Stade de France, where Arsenal face Barcelona tomorrow.
Temperatures for football at Lilongwe lakeside are up to 35AC, the pitches are hard and grassless, the goalposts improvised from wood, ball and boots both in short supply and liable to wear out quickly in the conditions and through much use.
Earlier, it seemed England would be in for the hard slog on a flat and grassless wicket.
We didn't want anyone reading our tombstone epithets in a grassless enclosure where fast food cups blown against a chain link fence provide the only color.
Another testing course, especially for bad bunker players, can be found at the Dubai Country Club, which is grassless.
More than one million steel-helmeted invaders charged shoulder to shoulder as fast as a man in soggy leather hobnailed boots can run across a treeless, grassless, lifeless no man's land, rechurning 100 kilometers of muddy Belgian earth into a virtual sea of death.