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As office variant 1, the entrepreneur has to offer the grate base of the boiler line 2.
According to Metso, for years, El Teniente has encountered problems with grate piece breakage in its SAG mill, resulting in low mill availability and operational instability.
A STEEL WEDGE GRATE PLACED in a traditional Indian cook fire can increase the fuel efficiency and cut soot emissions by more than half, new research has found.
SEOUL, South Korea -- A South Korean man involved in planning an outdoor pop concert where 16 people were killed after falling through a ventilation grate was found dead Saturday in an apparent suicide, officials said, as doctors treated eight others facing life-threatening injuries from the disaster.
Seoul: Sixteen people were killed and nine others seriously injured when a ventilation grate gave way while they were watching an outdoor pop concert in Seongnam south of Seoul on Friday, rescuers said.
Stable Micro Systems, one of the world's leading food texture analysis experts, has announced the launch of a unique grating rig that accurately measures the force needed to grate food products into shreds.
The ValueMag[TM] product line now includes magnetic cartridges, plate magnets, grate magnets, liquid line traps, two-drawer grate-in-housing magnets and sight glass magnets.
Tramp Iron Grate in Housings (TGH) incorporate Erium [TM] Ceramic, Rare Earth or Xtreme [TM] Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contaminants from free flowing products as it cascades through rows of magnetic grates within a custom-manufactured housing.
Is it really necessary to grate 3 ounces of each, or can I just grate 1-1/2 ounce of each?
Use a vegetable peeler to strip off a couple pieces of orange zest, then grate remaining zest.