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The Reo Hand-Box Grater from Lifetime Brands gives the consumer efficiency and flexibility through transformation.
The Box Grater features three nonstick blades with v-shaped etched teeth-extra-coarse, coarse and zester (fine)-as well as a fourth slicer blade.
Unlike my waned interest in thumping a ball to have it come back at me, I learned to grate correctly and to keep my knuckles away; but most importantly, I threw out my bizarre purchase of a grater that was comprised of an oval-shaped plastic refrigerator box, with interchangeable metal grater covers, that would not stand upright and might with the right lighting excite eager horror movie goers to enter my world of slashed knuckles.
We determined that a serial arrangement of the crystalline and amorphous subunits in discs outperformed a random or parallel arrangement, suggesting a new structural model for silk," said Grater.
A safety food holder ensures there are no finger injuries and the grater itself acts as a lid on a collecting box for your food below.
Microplane's box grater features three of the firm's most popular patented grating blades fine/zester, medium ribbon and extra coarse--along with an additional fourth slicer blade
Zest 5 oranges using fine side of a box grater or a razor-sharp grater, such as a Microplane; set zest aside.
Improved processing technologies used include vibrating sieve, abrasive peeler, motorised grater, drum drier, and screw -jack.
IMAGINE listening to the southern fried boogie of Lynyrd Skynyrd, except you've taken the needle off your record player armand fastened a cheese grater to the end of it instead.
Using the smallest holes on a grater, finely grate the zest of the orange.
7021816, 2006), nicknamed "the grater," is designed to blend recycled materials like painted TPO bumpers and multilayer barrier packaging films.
His design involves a compact white box which houses a chef's knife, bread knife, utility knife, tin opener, grater and peeler.