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As a result, the "next level" of Metso's Poly-Met discharge grates were put into use in a SAG mill for the first time.
who was involved in the development of the grates with a team drawn from the University of Iowa in Iowa City and Maharana Pratap University in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.
The part-plastic gully grates are being fitted across the city to fight the huge problem.
Magnetic Grates are constructed from Tube Magnets which are cylindrical permanent magnets contained within a stainless steel tube.
The theft of grates was a big problem in several parts of Huddersfield last year.
3 : to have an irritating effect <His voice grates on me.
Tramp Iron Grate in Housings (TGH) incorporate Erium [TM] Ceramic, Rare Earth or Xtreme [TM] Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contaminants from free flowing products as it cascades through rows of magnetic grates within a custom-manufactured housing.
PEDESTRIANS and cyclists have been warned to take care after thieves stole 27 grates from roads in Ashington.
Additionally, the metal panel wall gets beat up fast, as do the rotor and the grates at the bottom of the shredding chamber.
Simply place wet chips in a small foil pan and put the pan in the hottest area of the grill underneath the cooking grates, which in Weber gas grills is in the front left hand corner.
Once you know how, it's easy to use but only grates finely.
Peering through the grates of the storm drains is a bit like opening the grisaille doors of an altarpiece, the architectural monuments above theatrically giving way to an inviting paradise, a brilliantly lit subterranean tide pool, complete with sandy bottom, sparkling clear, lightly churning water (about a foot deep throughout), and all the rocks, mussels, seaweed, and such one would expect to find there, each item painstakingly fabricated Vija Celmins-style.