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Taking into consideration his financial position, the ministry sanctioned ex- gratia payment of Rs 1 lakh to him," said the statement from the ministry.
People who were subjected to abuse as a resident of a hostel under the Country High School Hostels Authority will be eligible to apply for ex gratia payments of up to $45,000.
Cooper Island and Ex Gratia both have some work to do if they are to mark the anniversary with a win, as the pair have failed to make the frame in three outings between them to date.
Ex gratia means you would like to make a payment without admitting liability.
Fallon completed a treble on Tough Speed and Shamrock City, as did Barry Hills with Out Of Africa, Sheer Hamas and Ex Gratia.
Mr Nulty added that many of the workers also feel they should get an ex gratia share of the pounds 630 million takeover deal.
The Next Steps Stolen Generations Reparation Scheme will involve a fund of up to $6 million for ex gratia payments for those members of the state s Aboriginal communities removed from their families, and whose usual place of residence was South Australia at the time of the separation.
Singh said ` 10,000 ex- gratia has been released as an immediate relied to the relatives of the deceased and ` 5,000 has been sanctioned for the injured.
What is the meaning of the MGM Studios' Latin motto Ars Gratia Artis?
told a story at the Sola Gratia (Grace Alone) gathering.
CONCERNS have been raised after it emerged that the former Deputy Older People's Commissioner for Wales was given a PS27,000 ex gratia payment on top of a PS26,000 redundancy payoff when she left the post last year.
THE Examiner's Leader column advocates an ex gratia payment as a possible solution to the plight of the innocent elderly lady injured in the course of a police arrest.