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It was a highly collaborative effort between our Part D clients and the HealthTrans IT team and we are gratified by the tremendous success.
The American Jewish Congress is gratified that President Bush has approved Israel's longstanding request for $10 billion in loan guarantees.
We are equally gratified by the fact that our commitment to keeping adult products out of the hands of underage customers has been rewarded," said Bagley.
We are gratified that now that those problems have been overcome, the market has greeted our new releases with enthusiasm.
We're gratified that the South Korea government recognizes RFID can be a core technology to meet growing international secure trade requirement.
The company is gratified by continued shareholder commitment to the future success of the company and the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA).
We are gratified by the Steering Committee's recognition of the many benefits the PPM can bring to the radio industry and the advantages it offers in keeping pace with active Norwegians who are tuning in the country's public and commercial radio broadcasts in many different ways," said Brad Bedford, vice president, International PPM Marketing, Arbitron.
Sirgo, BDSI's President and COO, said: "We are very gratified that the review process for Emezine(R) is underway and we look forward to working with the FDA on this project.
lumber mills from around the nation are gratified to receive some relief from Canadian lumber subsidies," said C.
California's banking industry had long maintained that the FCRA pre-empted the affiliate sharing provisions of SB1 and so we are gratified by the court's confirmation.
We are extremely gratified by this initial determination from the administrative law judge," said Doug Dunn, president and CEO, ASML.