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Prentice Knights arose in haste, and marshalling into a line, filed off one by one and dispersed with all speed to their several homes, leaving their leader to pass the grating last.
The man who lay on the ledge of the grating was even chilled.
The hand with which he held the grating (seamed all over the back with ugly scratches newly healed), was unusually small and plump; would have been unusually white but for the prison grime.
As he said it, he rose, shook himself, scratched himself, tied his brown coat loosely round his neck by the sleeves (he had previously used it as a coverlet), and sat down upon the pavement yawning, with his back against the wall opposite to the grating.
It hangs on every bush, flutters in every tree, is caught flying by the electric wires, haunts every enclosure, drinks at every pump, cowers at every grating, shudders upon every plot of grass, seeks rest in vain behind the legions of iron rails.
The new devices are a 15[micro]m SiGe micromirror and a grating light valve for high-resolution displays.
The grating used here, with its gentler contour, is much easier to run across.
To make such adjustable color sources, he and Andreas Stemmer, both of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, have invented a novel diffraction grating--a rippled surface that separates white light into component colors, each of which travels away from the grating at a slightly different angle.
DeltaGrater[TM] High-strength molded fiberglass grating is designed for maximum stiffness.
NIST scientists have have developed a multiple-wavelength calibration reference that incorporates the wavelength flexibility of fiber Bragg grating artifact references and the stability of fundamental molecular absorption references.
offers PVC grating designed for new pool construction and pool renovations.